JD Hayworth

The “Children of 9/11”—infants who literally entered this world on Sept. 11, 2001—reached the age of “legal majority” this year.  As they turned 21 on the most disturbing date in American history, those young adults and the rest of us were reminded to take note of the threatening changes underway to profoundly alter our political process and way of life.

The revisions at hand are truly revolutionary, especially the manipulation of our legal system to criminalize political differences. Yet they are greeted with a collective yawn and deliberate disinterest from a politicized press corps. 

Instead, the Fourth Estate seems intent on playing up a phantom fifth column in an effort to aid the Biden Administration’s ominous objectives.

How else to explain the outrageous content and conduct from former Democrat political operative Chuck Todd and Vice President Kamala Harris on the Sept. 11 telecast of NBC’s “Meet the Press”?

Ol’ Chuck seldom disappoints powerful Democrats, and sure enough, after the obligatory mention of the 9/11 anniversary, Todd teed up the administration’s theme:

“We are now as a nation fighting a threat from within. Is the threat equal or greater than we faced on 9/11?”

Note that the NBC moderator employed no modifier when introducing a dubious assertion as settled fact. Nope, for Chuck Todd and the “news organization” where he is gainfully employed, controversial partisan talking points are presented as the truth and nothing but.

To her credit, Kamala suppressed her customarily reflexive cackle, but that was probably due to prearranged “message management” rather than mere coincidence.

Right on cue, she  responded that “there’s an oath we always take, which is to defend and uphold our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

While Harris at least mentioned the Constitution, she and her senior partner in the executive branch seem intent on pursuing the illogical and dangerous notion that they can best preserve our founding document by destroying it.

The Commander-in-Chief said as much 10 days earlier in Philadelphia, snarling that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism at threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

Make no mistake: Joe Biden wasn’t spouting a boilerplate political script; he was priming the rhetorical pump for the actions that followed.

Suburban housewife Lisa Gallagher is no “MAGA mastermind.” She is simply an American citizen who supported the 2020 Trump Campaign with posts on social media, a banner in her yard, and, presumably, her vote on Election Day.

On Sept. 2, three armed FBI agents arrived at her front door. Gallagher later recounted her experience for Fox News: “I was crying, my knees were shaking. And even though I knew I’d done nothing wrong, after Joe Biden’s speech the night before, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is political.’”

Lending credence to Lisa’s instinctive assessment was the false accusation that prompted the arrival of federal law enforcement officers.

The agents told Lisa the FBI had received an anonymous tip that she was at The Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. She wasn’t. 

But even if she had been on the Capitol grounds that day, she was well within her constitutional rights. The First Amendment affirms our basic right to freedom of speech and assembly.Yet the fear felt by this everyday American prompted her to show the agents her phone and her personal calendar to “prove” she was nowhere near Washington.

Six days later, 35 FBI raids were conducted, aimed at senior MAGA officials. 

Five days after that, the feds surrounded successful “My Pillow” entrepreneur and outspoken Trump defender Mike Lindell in the takeout lane of a fast food restaurant, taking away his phone.

Of course, all of this was preceded in August by the unprecedented raid on the home of the 45th President.

Don’t be deceived. This isn’t about wrongdoing. It’s about “wrong thinking…” and ultimately, about “wrong voting…” at least in the eyes of the Biden Bunch.

The rest of us, including the “Children of 9/11,” can take a cue from today’s infants.

Even though “Freedom from Fear” has disappeared, we can all sleep like babies.

We can wake up every two hours and cry.

Or more likely, we’ll sleep with one eye open.

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