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Eastmark calls itself “The heart and the hub of the East Valley.”

It appears to be about halfway there – more hub than heart.

Indeed, an almost Greek chorus of complaints arises from the residents of the high-end community nearly every time Eastmark is mentioned: “We want better restaurants! We want better shopping!”

Councilman Kevin Thompson recently posted on Facebook about early-stage development plans, including a proposal at Signal Butte and Elliot roads, on the west edge of Eastmark.

Predictably, a few dozen comments were posted almost immediately.

“Kevin Thompson, please, please, please persuade Mesa to put in some really good restaurants!” begged Melissa Bell. “One-half mile to the west of my house is a Sonic, Burger King, Culver’s and a Jack in the Box. One-half mile to the east is a McDonalds, Wendy’s and possibly a Whataburger. We’re tired of burgers over here!”

David Hrizak and others seconded that: “Kevin Thompson, we the residents don’t need and don’t want any more drive thru fast food restaurants in our district. We deserve better!”

Thompson noted the developer, Thompson Thrift (no relation to the councilman), “love to bring subpar projects like drive thru fast food restaurants. In fact, their design for Signal Butte and Elliot already shows three drive thru restaurants. Not what you or I expect in our community. We will be pushing back!”

Eastmark, on the other hand, can argue that it doesn’t control many of the establishments on its outskirts.

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