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Thursday, May 13, is a big day for Keller Williams Real Estate offices around the world.

For years, the second Thursday of May has been Red Day, when Keller Williams agents go out into their communities to provide services to various charities.

Valley agents visit nonprofits like House of Refuge in Mesa, where hundreds of Realtors do  major rehab of offices, paint houses, redo landscaping.

They have also worked to help Save the Family Foundation, The Center for Habilitation, Helen’s Hope Chest and Jacob’s Mission.

“All of our time is donated and in every case, many of the vendors – roofers, handymen, electricians etc. – that we use in our real estate transactions work alongside of us,” said Mesa Keller Williams Realtor Elaine Sans Souci. “Many of the loan officers, title companies frequently donate funds, food, etc. The day is always so rewarding both for the givers and the receivers.”

Because of COVID-19, and the uncertainty of how safe communities might be this year, every Keller Williams Real Estate office is staging a massive food drive to help restock every food bank in the Valley.

People are encouraged to visit their nearest Keller Williams office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, May 10-13 to donate nonperishable food items.

Some Realtors will be out on community projects, including Jacob’s Mission in Mesa and at Children’s Hospital Phoenix.

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