Mesa crime stats

         Though the FBI is months away from releasing official statistics on crime in 2020, its for violent crime in 2019 show Mesa compares favorably with other cities its size.

 And, according to Mesa Police Department Assistant Chief Ed Wessing, preliminary data show violent crime dropped another 1 percent here in 2020.

Mesa and Tucson are America’s 10 cities in the 480,000 to 600,000 population range.

According to the FBI, 1,953 violent crimes – murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault – took place in Mesa in 2019. Included in that figure is 11 murders.

Tucson, which is similar in size to Mesa, had 40 murders and 3,775 violent crimes in 2019 – nearly twice as many as Mesa.

In Tucson, one in 145 people experienced violence crime. In Mesa, one in 265 experienced violence crime.

Mesa’s crimes per capita was by far the lowest of cities similar in size.

Baltimore, population 597,239, had 11,101 violent crimes and 348 murders in 2019, according to the FBI. That means 1 in 53 people experienced violent crime in Baltimore.

Milwaukee, population 590,923, had 7,784 violent crimes and 97 murders in 2019. One in 76 experienced violence crime.

Albuquerque, population 561,920, had 7,596 violent crimes and 84 murders in 2019. One in 74 experienced violence crime.

Kansas City, population 495,694, had 7,099 violent crimes and 150 murders in 2019. One in 70 experienced violence crime.

Colorado Springs, population 479,648, had 2,806 violent crimes and 23 murders in 2019. One in 171 experienced violence crime.

Atlanta, population 496,106, had 3,814 violent crimes and 88 murders in 2018 (2019 figures were not available. One in 130 experienced violence crime.

In Miami, with an estimated population of 485,505, there were 2,850 violent crimes and 43 murders in 2019. One in 170 experienced violent crime.

Sacramento, population 513,934, had 3,223 violent crimes and 34 murders in 2019. One in 159 experienced violence crime.

While Mesa’s violent crime per capita was far lower than cities of similar sizes, its smaller neighbors were safer per capita.

According to the FBI, 593 violent crimes took place in Chandler in 2019, 254 in Gilbert and 889 in Tempe. In Chandler, population 252,692, one in 424 were victims of violent crime. In Gilbert, population 243,254, one in 956 experienced violent crime. In Tempe, population 187,454, one in 210 were violent crime victims.

Phoenix, population 1.6 million, had 11,803 violent crimes in 2019; one in 135 Phoenix residents were victims of violent crime, making Mesa twice as safe, according to statistics.

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