Prime Society

Tempe-based Prime Society will be appearing at Tempe Marketplace and Mesa’s Nile Theater. (Special to GetOut)

Members of the Tempe-based neo-soul group Prime Society had felt cooped up during the early days of the pandemic and began looking for ways to kill the time they were not spending in the studio. 

That was when they decided to volunteer at the Chandler-based food bank AZCEND and give back to the community. 

When the band walked into the facility, they were almost immediately amazed at the quality of items kept in the confines of the bank. 

“We’ve done a lot of charity and we’ve worked at a lot of food banks, but I think for me, the biggest thing was seeing that they were giving back things of quality,” Bassist J. Reid said. 

“The perception of a food bank, right is that you’re going to get stuff that’s going to be expiring soon, it’s already expired or it’s stuff that nobody wants,” Reid’s brother and Prime Society rapper Miles Reid – who raps under the stage name Infin8 – added. “There’s none of that. They’re a great organization to work with.” 

The Reid brothers felt so inspired by this that they wanted to devise a way for fans of the band to contribute to the cause. 

That was when they worked with a friend, Carson Folk, to come up with the idea to do a water drive called “Tap In” alongside AZCEND and Run4Charity. 

The way the water drive is structured is every fan who donates a case of water (minimum 24 bottles) is entered into a raffle to win tickets to one of the band’s next shows as well as merchandise from the band. 

“I think everyone, everyone likes to look at the bigger picture you know, I feel like we all want to get back so we’re making it easy for people to come out and do something charitable,” J. said. 

Fans of the band will have two opportunities to donate water and catch Prime Society in action on the evening of June 10 as the band will play a three-hour-long show at Tempe Marketplace before jaunting to Downtown Mesa to play a headlining setlist at The Nile Theater alongside Tempe-based rapper Tireek and Nyzahir. 

Although playing music for nearly four hours in a single day, Prime Society is excited by the opportunity to play contrasting set lengths. 

“When we do have just like a 30 to 40-minute sets we’re pretty meticulous about what song to play and in what order,” J. said. 

Because of this, the band plans to dish out some tunes off of its upcoming album titled “Historic Run” — which the band hopes to release sometime this summer — along with staple tracks fans have grown to adore like “Gang Gang.” 

Despite having a smaller window to fill the space with sound when the band galivants over to The Nile Theater, Miles feels up to the task. 

 “It’s one of those things where it tests who we are, it shows us who we are and everybody else what we can do as well,” he said. 

Whether fans catch Prime Society for three hours or for under one hour, keyboard player Juan Rustin believes that fans will be jazzed by the amount of energy the band puts into each performance. 

“I feel like we bring a lot of like vigor to the spirit of music,” Rustin said. “You’re going to see a lot of diversity.” 

J. on the other hand hopes to shock fans by performing bass-heavy R&B tunes that not only get the speakers shaking but get the fans enthused to the point where they find it hard to stand still. 

“Hopefully, you feel shocked and hopefully you feel uncomfortable,” J. Said. “Hopefully, you feel like you don’t know what you just saw. Maybe you’ll even feel slightly confused.” 

Overall, Prime Society is excited to merge its two passions of music and caring for underprivileged people with its upcoming shows.

If You Go...

Who: Prime Society “Natural Connection” a live experience with Nyzahir and Tireek

Where:  The Nile Theater 105 W. Main Str., Mesa.

When: 7 p.m. Friday, June 10

Cost: $15


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