Sports balls on wooden background

Sports balls on wooden background

The city of Mesa and Local First Arizona are urging businesses to apply for “going green” recognition through the Arizona Green Business Program.

The certification recognizes large and small companies prioritizing sustainability through things like recycling and energy reduction.

The first – and to date only – Mesa business to get the certification is Stardust Building Supplies, a nonprofit headquartered at 1720 W. Broadway Road.

Stardust partners with several Valley companies to divert these materials from the landfill to repurpose and resell.

“Having our Mesa businesses work with Local First Arizona on the Arizona Green Business Program is a tremendous benefit to our entire community. I am especially proud that Stardust Building Supplies, which calls District 3 home, is being recognized for earning this certification,” said Councilman Francisco Heredia.

“The positive impact to our environment is substantial and helping businesses maximize their efforts to go green will save them money and help them to stand out in the marketplace. I look forward to many more Mesa businesses taking advantage of this program and earning their certification,” he added.

Heredia hopes other businesses will participate, a process that starts by answering a checklist of questions focusing on waste diversion, energy consumption, water conservation, pollution prevention, wastewater management, transportation emissions and creating a sustainability culture in the workplace.

After applying, a site visit is performed to learn more about the business’s sustainability practices, a custom sustainability plan is developed and ongoing assistance from the LFA team is available to help participants reach their goals.

Businesses must reach a designated number of measures to achieve certification. Once certified, they are added to an online directory and mobile app, making it easier for conscious consumers to

find them.

Certified businesses will be promoted through Local First newsletters and social media.

“The Arizona Green Business Certification Program provides significant cost-savings and promotional opportunities for locally owned businesses in the community,” said Mike Peel, Local First’s statewide sustainability director.

“We are very appreciative of the leadership of the City of Mesa to collaborate with our team to grow the reach of the program and have a larger impact for the benefit of the economy and the environment.”

Stardust, which can be called the star

of the Mesa green scene, says the program is valuable.

“We found the Local First Green Business Certification Program to be extremely valuable in helping Stardust recognize the efforts we are making towards operating in a more sustainable fashion and helping us identify areas where we could make significant improvement,” said Karen Jayne, CEO of Stardust Building Supplies.

Stardust Building Supplies says its mission is “to starve the landfill.”

They operate two reuse centers for home improvement which sell gently-used, salvaged and surplus building materials at affordable prices from cabinets to appliances and furniture.

For more information, visit or call 480-668-0566.

“The resources Local First provided throughout the process were invaluable. Operating in a sustainable fashion is not only great for the environment but also very beneficial to the community and our employees,” Jayne added.

“I highly recommend the program and certification to anyone interested in environmentally sustainable business operations.”

The Arizona Green Business Program is open to independently owned businesses in Tempe, Phoenix and Mesa.

For information, visit email

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