Chad and April Olshavsky

Chad and April Olshavsky, left, and their daughter Hailee and son Michael all have a role in running Herbal Risings CBD Dispensary in east Mesa.

When Chad and April Olshavsky say their Herbal Risings CBD Dispensary is a family-run business, they’re not exaggerating.

Their two children, Hailee and Michael, take just as active a role in keeping their east Mesa business growing as it marks its sixth anniversary.

Billing itself as “one of the first educational providers for CBD in the country,” Herbal Risings has grown from a small retail store to a Valley-wide provider of CBD, a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that’s touted for its potential health benefits for anxiety, muscle recovery, sports performance, sleep and anti-aging. 

It’s also the non-intoxicating part of the hemp pant and Herbal Risings sells in tinctures, sprays, creams, candies, bath salts and even pet treats. 

Located at 6049 E. University Drive near Recker Road, Herbal Risings now has online ordering with 24/7 local customer chat, Valley-wide delivery, third-party lab-tested products made from organic ingredients in the U.S.

The Olshavskys, who just marked their 22nd wedding anniversary, don’t just sell CBD products.

“We’ve advocated and met with lobbyists, held classes on CBD wellness,” April said. “As CBD users ourselves, there’s nothing we’re more passionate about.”

April calls herself “a chronic pain warrior” who found relief in CBD from a

condition that had left her bedridden in her 20s. 

“Personal experience is what drives me to help others discover the healing wonders of the plant derivative,” she said. “It gives me a good peace of mind that I’m not intoxicating myself with harmful chemicals or organ-damaging pain killers.

“The real testament for me is getting back to productivity,” she said, adding her entire family uses CBD “for moodiness, energy, and stress.”

“When a customer asks me if I use these products,” April said, “I’m proud to recommend anything in our store because these are products my family uses for pain, sleep, and even grief over the loss of a loved one.” 

“I personally love that CBD helps get you moving, and can even help with post-workout muscle recovery,” she said, explaining that many of Herbal Risings’ customers have become extended family members in some ways.

“Being a small part of our customer’s lives means the world to my family,” she said. “When customers call in to tell us their success stories, we call and text each other, too. It’s an incredible feeling.”

Prior to starting the store, April and Chad were holding training on medical marijuana.

“We launched Arizona’s first cannabis training college, Herbal Risings,” she explained. “Our kids grew up in the industry going to NORML meetings, cannabis job fairs, and trade shows. Even though they have their own ambitions as visual artists, they are very devoted to the business and are very well acquainted with each and every product we carry because it’s been such a big part of our lives for so long.”

April noted that hemp-derived CBD has been providing people relief commercially since 2016, but it wasn’t always so available like it is today. 

“We had to fight and educate the public and officials on U.S. Hemp Bill of 2014 and again when it was officially amended and classified in 2018 thanks to advocates like us. We were one of the first CBD dispensaries where the public could legally come in without a doctor’s recommendation – although we get several doctor referrals, including a V.A. physician).

“We educated the public and listened to their needs. From that knowledge, we formulated all our products to meet the needs of the community.”

April also attributes Herbal Risings’ growth to an aggressive social media presence that includes Instagram reels, live video streams, blogs and a podcast. In addition, its website’s 24/7 live chat is run “by local product advisors who are specially trained on our unique formulas,” she said.

They even throw in a gift with orders over $100.

While the legalization of recreational marijuana initially impacted their business, the couple sees a resurgence of interest in CBD.

“Some folks ventured away to THC thinking it was going to help them feel better, and that’s not always the case,” she said of the ingredient in marijuana that produces a high.

Located near Farnsworth Hall and Dreamland Villas, Herbal Risings’ retail store is open seven days a week from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Information: 

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